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Meaning of Color of Roses

Have you every wanted to give your special someone a rose to say, "thinking of you"? Or maybe you wanted to buy some fresh roses for a coworker or colleague who went out of their way to help you with a difficult task, but don't want to seem like you're interested in more than a friendship? We have compiled the various meaning of rose colors to help you select the right color of rose for the right occasion. You asked for it, so here is our list of the color of roses and their meanings, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Red Rose - Love
Red is of course the color of LOVE in all its forms- from girlfriend to fiancee to husband to devoted partner, red has imbued the passion of the blood that beats in our hearts for millenia. Choose a red rose to show how much love and heartfelt emotion you have for your sweetheart.

Burgundy - Unconscious Beauty
Have you every met someone who was absolutely beautiful, but didn't realize how stunning they were? Perhaps they were beautiful in a way that was unusual, or unconventional. Maybe they were such a lovely, thoughtful person full of positive energy, that you couldn't help but notice them. These special people deserve a burgundy rose for their unconscious beauty.

Coral - Enthusiasm & Desire
This color of rose has a special meaning; it signifies enthusiasm and design. This is a perfect rose to give someone you are excited to get to know, or would like to spend time with. It can be a fun, thrilling enthusiasm, or a patient, temperate desire, only you and they will know!

Pink - Grace & Gentility
Pink is a lovely color in all its shades! This is a fun rose to give, and it's appropriate for many occasions. You could give your grandma a small bunch of pink roses to show her your appreciation, or pass a bouquet to your sweetheart to show them how graceful they are to you.

Dark Red - Passion
Stormy passion is the meaning of this color of rose! In all it's tempestuousness, a dark red rose signifies burning desire and the volatility of the heart. Roses that are especially dark red have the power to sweep you off your feet, so be careful to whom you give these stunning flowers.

Rose Pink - Thank You
This color, more on the deeper side of the pink spectrum, is a lovely and elegant way to express gratitude. Shower a special someone with this color and you'll say, "I'm so thankful for you!"

Blush Pink - Admiration
When you present a bouquet of these light, soft pink roses, you signify to the recipient how much you appreciate and admire them. Whether it's their beauty, their wit, or their charms, blush pink roses mean that you hold their possessor in high regard.

Yellow - Joy, Friendship
Bring the color of sunshine to your rose selection when you want to express joy and friendship! Yellow roses evoke sunny afternoons spent laughing with close friends and those dear to us. They are especially lovely when presented as a host or hostess gift.

White - Purity, Peace
The two most common occasions for white roses are weddings and funerals. Both are celebrations of major life stages, and many are coupled with religious ceremonies. The white rose meanings are purity and peace; their lovely color (or lack of color!) inspires reflection and allows us to focus on the delicate form of the bloom without distraction.

Orange - Fun, Camaraderie
These boisterous roses are cheeky and fun! Orange roses are a great way to connect with someone who you enjoy spending time with. Why not send them as a surprise? Or reveal them as part of a puzzle or surprise to really keep that special person guessing.

We hope you've found our guide on what the color of roses signifies helpful and inspiring! What's your favorite color of rose?